A historic high school in the heart of Indianapolis, Arsenal Tech feels like a college campus.

With multiple buildings spread across 76-acres, including a former U.S. Civil War era arsenal and barracks, Tech has been part of the fabric of the community since 1912. Today, the school specializes in STEM prep well-known for its Visual and Performing Arts offerings and athletic programs.

With its storied past and ardent alumni, Tech deserves a robust brand with bold applications — one every Tech Titan can wear with pride. Based on roundtables with students, teachers, and alumni, we leaned into the “Tech” moniker, preserved the Titan mascot, and brightened the school’s deep-green signature color. The result is a versatile identity system that embodies the signature style and confidence of Tech.



Arsenal Tech Branding
Arsenal Tech Branding
Arsenal Tech Branding
Arsenal Tech Branded Booth
Arsenal Tech Beanie
Arsenal Tech Hoodie
Arsenal Tech T-shirt
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Arsenal Tech throwback basketball uniform
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