Mirror Indy tells it like it is, revealing the truth.

The news should be of, by, and for the people it serves. This core tenet of journalism seems revolutionary in a modern era of corporatized media and viral misinformation. In response, the democracy-loving folks at Free Press Indiana have launched Mirror Indy, a community-based newsroom that envisions a stronger Indianapolis through democratized storytelling.

Led by award-winning journalists, the newsroom needed a brand which would convey its unwavering commitment to truth and transparency. Through research, strategy, thoughtful naming, and a compelling visual identity, we got Mirror Indy ready for its reveal.

Eschewing the confusion, sensationalism, and politicization of the media, Mirror Indy has emerged as a reliable source, dedicated to delivering accurate and unbiased news that ignites informed action.

If you don’t like what you see, Mirror Indy empowers you to change it.



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